Monica Franciscus

Artist's Statement

I strive to create work that is provocative, amusing, clear, fun, but also serious. It reflects the times, conveys my values, and shows my personality which is fearless, bold, and spontaneous. I want the work to be direct, unpretentious, and compelling.

Until I was 20, I moved every year or two to different countries and cities. When I was eight, my parents divorced, and my sister and I were sent away to school in different countries. Friends and relationships became extremely important to me. As a result, my work is emotional, about intimacy and relationships.

As an artist, I defy categorization. My body of work is not about one thing nor is it a variation on a theme. With each piece, I start with an idea, simplify it, and then push it toward abstraction in order to focus on its essence. I aim for an image one cannot imagine any other way.

- Monica Franciscus

Monica Franciscus
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